Porter: Your Twentieth Week

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Twenty weeks down! (I'm actually posting this the day after your 26 week/6 month half-birthday... it's been a busy few weeks. I'm thankful I keep notes in my phone of all the fun milestones I want to blog about. I'm also glad that I take a bazillion pictures of your sweet face.)

This week, you're started rolling a bit more. Front to back, and back to front. I still love walking in to get you in the morning, and seeing that beaming smile. You're so sweet. You've also been grabbing things and bringing them to you: toys, blankets, wash clothes. We've let you chew on some bananas, which you love. I shouldn't be excited for you to move to solid food, (tear! That means you are growing up!) but I am.

You and I went outside on a uncharacteristically warm spring day, and I laid you down on your blanket in the backyard. You found the grass -- and you loved it, too. Haha! You just kept laying your hand on the top of the short blades, wiggling your little fingers as you felt the tickle on your palm. Then, you grabbed a handful with your entire fist and planted your face into the ground. It was amazing.

I love watching you explore new things, seeing your expressions, learn about your likes and dislikes. Mommyhood is such a fun journey, and the absolute best part is getting to know you for the little individual that you are.

I celebrated my first Mother's Day with you this weekend. Such a fun day. Daddy made me an adorable canvas print with a picture of your sweet face, and your footprints made into a heart. I loved it so much! He also got me a massage, which I know I will take forever to book. I don't know why I do that; I love massages! It just seems like such a task to book it, and then actually take time out of our busy schedule to go and lay on a table for an hour.

We celebrated with our family and a casual backyard BBQ. I love our family time -- we have the best family in the world, and I know how much you will appreciate them over the years. You are surrounded my so much love, it overwhelms me.

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