Porter: Your Twenty First Week

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


21 weeks!

You are grabbing your toes! Finally! You've been trying to reach them for some time now, but you're finally able to get them successfully, despite your round belly and adorable, chubby thighs making things a tad more difficult. You are grabbing at our food, too (you snuck a french fry at Shake Shake Shake and you stole Whitney's pickle from her Jimmy Johns dinner while we waited for soundcheck at North Tacoma)... I think this just may be the ongoing theme for your twenty first week: gimme gimme gimme.

You are in a cuddle to sleep phase, which gets no complaints from me. You still love playing with my necklace very gently as we rock, and you reach up to touch our faces when we hold you. You especially love Daddy's eyebrows and his mouth.

You light up like a firework when you see/hear the bottle of teething tablets. You love them. You actually act like you can taste them before I put them in your mouth, which makes mommy a little nervous. Thank goodness they're all natural... yikes.

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