Porter: Your Twenty Second Week

Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Hi Porter,

You've been on this earth for 22 weeks, and I'm confident that I can't possibly love you more.

We've been playing with solid foods. First up: NANAS! You seem to love them, but you make the funniest faces as you get your first taste. I  can hear you in my head: "WHAT the crap is this stuff? So weird, get it away... ooh, it's nice, may I have another bite?"

Currently, you love: swaying, grabbing the remote -- no matter what toys you have spread out all around you, your music box (I always walk in to get you up from your naps to you gnawing on that thing), your highchair or anything with a table that you can pound your fists on, music (especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), and smiling. You are so smiley and happy... what an amazing feeling that is. Having a happy baby is like a big giant hug. It eases my soul to know that I'm doing something right.

We celebrated Memorial Day this week, so of course, we dressed you and your Daddy up in matching t-shirts. We sat outside on the porch and played cards in the rain. Happy Memorial Day, Washington. Sheesh. And this is supposed to be the summer kickoff?

Oh, some things you hate? The nose sucker (it doesn't help that I have some sort of sick obsession with cleaning out your nose), teething, and bedtime lately. Each night is gamble... do you want to cuddle to sleep? Or would you rather me lay you down and you just float off peacefully? It's hit and miss, and normally we don't figure it out until it's time for bed (which currently is around 10pm).

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