Reaching Out

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'll probably include this in your nineteen week update, but I had to sit down to record this little milestone immediately, because it was just so sweet.

It was just another afternoon, pre-nap. You were in your bouncer, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and "oohing" "ahhing" along with the TV. I can always tell when you're almost at the end of your rope, because your oohs and ahhs get rather... frantic. And high-pitched. And for a moment, you completely remind me of me as I'm having a slight panic attach about something silly, like where I put my makeup bag or how much time I don't have before I'm supposed to leave for the chiropractor.

I had just finished prepping my lunch - an avocado - and was heading back to you when you decided that enough is enough, and you let out a really frustrated wail that translated to: "YOU'RE NOT WALKING FAST ENOUGH PICK ME UP RIGHT NOW I MIGHT HATE YOU IF YOU DON'T." Just like I wrote it: All one sentence - no pause or inflection. Just frantic and monotonous.

"Ok, ok, ok - time for a nap?" And I reached down to remove you from your bouncer.

You were watching me closely... and when you saw my hands coming toward you, your hands left your mouth and "assumed the position" - arms out toward me, up and away from your body, waiting for my hands to swoop under to lift you out.

I froze, because OHMYGOSH why didn't I have my phone on me to capture this moment on film, and then stood up. I backed away a few steps. You looked at me, confused and probably a little ticked - and so I bent back down and offered you my hands again - slower this time, more purposefully. You held out your arms, again. Plain as day.

I wanted to die.

How does everything you do get cuter, and cuter?

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