Porter: Your Twenty Sixth Week

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Something new: you're waking every few hours to eat. I don't mind at all, because go right back to sleep... but man, am I exhausted when the morning comes. I didn't realize how much energy nursing all night takes. I was really lucky to be able to go all night for a couple months, and this new phase -- while more exhausting -- is just as amazing. You're a growing boy, and you need to eat! I'm alright with it. ;) I love spending that quiet time with you in the early morning hours... the house is so still. It's peaceful.

AND, I can catch up on Candy Crush.

Just being honest.

I love you. And I love your newfound trick of BEGGING, too. I can't eat anything in peace, and I hear this just gets worse over time.

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We went to watch cousin Noah's baseball game on a really warm Saturday morning -- so fun! You love being out and about.

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