Porter: Your Twenty Third Week

Thursday, June 6, 2013

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This week was not my favorite.

On the plus side, Auntie Abbie finally found your first tooth poking through. You can barely see it, but it's there. It's your bottom right canine. That little bugger has been a long time coming, hopefully it doesn't disappear back under the surface again. If it does, it's Hylands Teething Tablets and Baby Orajel to the rescue!

You love teething tablets. I shake the bottle like a rattle and you freak out. You pump your arms and open your mouth and look a little bit like a kid getting a bucket full of their favorite candy. Haha - good thing they're all natural, I'd feel a little more guilt when I dissolve them on your gums for you.

On the very, very negative side: you woke up this past Saturday morning with a cough. I panicked, of course, because a cough obviously means your dying.

Wrong. You ended up just having bronchiolitis, but let me tell you a little bit about how awful this first bout of sickness was.

You had a horrible wet cough. All I wanted you to do was cough up the junk in your chest, or clear your throat, but of course -- you don't know how to do that. So, we waited it out. We ran the humidifier in your room and inclined your mattress, and took your temperature every thirty minutes because I was scared to death of your fever. I rocked many, many miles with you in our recliner, and gave you lots of saline treatments up your nose. I stuck lavender and eucalyptus in your humidifier, and used the bulb syringe like a billion times a day. We also steamed up the bathroom and sat in there together in the dark, so you could rest while the steam did it's job in your chest.

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You hated it at the time, but when I was able to loosen up the junk in your chest so you didn't have that annoying whistle when you inhaled, you were happy as a clam.

It was a rough week. We ended up taking you to the Walk In Clinic because we were a little concerned with "the wheeze". They gave you a saline breathing treatment there, and I could just cry thinking of that look in your eyes. So tired, feeling so yucky, and just wanting to cuddle. They assured us that bronchiolitis was very normal, and we just had to give it time.

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So, time is what we gave it. It went away a few days later, and we were a happy family once again.

In other news, this week, Jessica and Davey moved into their new house (yay!!), and your best buddy was born: Lincoln Mueller! Here I am with Lincoln a few minutes after he was welcomed into the world by two proud parents and some very excited Aunties:

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Jess, McKenzie and I were in the room for his birth, and I'm so happy I was. There's something amazing about watching a new life begin. Your Auntie Jen did amazing -- she made me think back to all the details of your birth. Mainly, how opposite we were. I was loud and dramatic as I brought you into the world (I never thought that would be the case), and she was quiet and peaceful. It was really encouraging to watch, and even more humbling to remember that God gives us all different experiences and different stories, because how boring would it be if everyone was the same? I wouldn't change anything about my birth experience with you, and I know Jen feels the same about bringing Lincoln into the world. We are lucky mommies, and you two boys are so, so loved.

Here's pretty much the only other picture we took this week, outside of the Joness' Sumner home, before we picked up and moved to their new location -- PUYALLUP! (Your hair is my favorite. Check out those Ace Venture wings)

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 11.29.51 AM

Last but not least, you went swimming for the first time. I'd say you're a fan:

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