Porter: Your Thirtieth Week

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Look at you, pulling yourself up on allthethings. You are mobile, and you love to explore. You're a bit of a daredevil for a little being that is just learning to navigate, which gives your mama a heart attack. You think furniture is awesome; especially Opa's old rocker. You stand there on it and look at me like check. it. out. Standing man! :)

Case in point, regarding learning to navigate and explore allthethings:

Amelia did the same thing when she was your age; crawl yourself over to the entertainment center and pull out every DVD. You are also obsessed with the buttons and sounds of the DVD player and TV. I'm not sure why we have tons and tons of toys around the house. You'd much prefer anything electronic!

Your first road trip happened this weekend! We drove to Yakima for the Cohee family reunion, which was so much fun. You were a champ in the car. You talked and laughed and sang. You only had a mini-meltdown at the halfway point (you were antsy to get out and get exploring!) so we turned Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs on Spotify and you were golden.

Reunion fun on the swings, and napping with Winston in your Pack N Play.

We drove home on Sunday, and then had the day off on Monday to play, so we decided to go to Seattle for the day. We hung out, found a cool restaurant in Pike Place, and enjoyed the gorgeous view overlooking the water. You're such a happy boy; you exude joy, and people are always exclaiming over how cute you are. You've got that spirit that people want to be around. You're quiet and thoughtful and sweet, and sometimes I don't know how I got so lucky.

OH, and this is unrelated to most everything I've been writing about, but this week you crawled to me crying, wanting to be picked up. Pretty sure your dad had to pick me up off the floor, I was so overjoyed. I love how much you love me. So, thanks for that.

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