Feed Me All The Food!

Friday, August 23, 2013

I don't know who's worse: you, or Lennon with all the begging.

You fly over to us whenever we sit down to eat (as fast as your little body can crawl) and you grunt, groan, yell, grumble, and frantically whine until we give you a bit of whatever we have. It's stupidly cute. Your newest favorites: frozen yogurt/ice cream and a taste of BBQ sauce. I know, what? BBQ sauce. Whatever makes you happy, kiddo.

Here's to hoping that your appetite stays with you,all throughout the wonderful phases of teething. I've heard it can go away, and you can boycott food altogether, and there's nothing scarier or more unsettling than a baby that won't eat.

So, just keep begging. I'll keep feeding. Deal?

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