Porter: Your Thirty Fifth Week

Friday, August 30, 2013

Some days, I find myself stressing about major things: what kind of man you will be, what kind of woman you will marry. Then, other days (like this), I sit there and cry over your pictures, wondering how in the world your dad and I got a gorgeous blue eyed, blonde haired little boy. You are so stunning. I don't know how we made you. But we did... and that is pretty amazing.

You're a bottomless pit. A trash compactor. You will eat anything we give you... seriously. Lettuce? Yup. Apples? Oh yeah. A chunk of zucchini bread? YUM.

You used to hate the car. Now, you love it. We get this face every time we open the door to get you out:
You also try so hard to help us clip your chest clip, or to remove your arms from the straps when we are getting you out. And by try so hard, I mean "make things exceptionally difficult". Haha. We love you, though.

Tooth Check: Three little toofers! Look at those bad boys!

Dad got to sing with Christian Faith Center this week, for a great Vision Night with Pastor Brian Houston... while we were there, you met #WillowBeth, the only other girl with an insane amount of photos in her Instagram hashtag. ;) Willow was busy climbing the stairs, and you were so mad that you couldn't keep up... however, coming soon, I believe. You're days away from figuring those stairs out.

THEN, we had a night of worship up in Bellevue... here you are soundchecking with Dad. :)

Literally. You screamed into the mic about ten seconds later.

Your baby bed-head is the best. You're such a solid sleeper, I love when you wake up and your little waves are sticking out in every direction.

Lastly, your new favorite toy: the stethoscope.

I love how curious you are. And observant. You survey things with the utmost concern and attention to detail. I hope that's in your blood. That's your dad, all the way. So thoughtful and attentive.

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