Porter: Your Thirty First Week

Friday, August 2, 2013

This week, you got your first taste of life as a part of Team Church! It's the week before conference, and your dad is hard at work all day and all night to make things happen. We went to church a few times to hang out during rehearsals, and you were happy as can be. All the chairs were cleared out of the auditorium, so you crawled around to your heart's content. You also love to watch/listen to your daddy sing. When Grandpa and Grandma Cohee hang out with you during service sometimes, they always tells me that you will look around for your Daddy when you hear him over the speakers. I love that!

Here's some outtakes from your thirty-one week picture. I was laughing so hard... you are such a ham!

I am so blessed to be a stay at home mama. I love working with you across the room watching me (after you get bored with your snacks or Special Agent Oso). Something really cute that you did this week... you put stuff in your mouth while you crawl, to carry it with you. It's adorable. Normally it's a stuffed animal or a rag or your bib, but you have discovered how to transport items while you crawl, which kills your dad and I. It's so, so cute! I need to get a video of this, pronto.

Wandering the hallways at church while rehearsal wraps up! You fell asleep, and every time the music would start and stop, you'd jolt awake. Haha. I guess it was probably a little too loud, even for you.

And, watching Daddy rehearse. Thanks Auntie Savi for the best photo! :)

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