Porter: Your Thirty Fourth Week

Thursday, August 22, 2013

See this little ouchie on your nose? That happened as we were coming home from Vegas. You got too excited and got a little rug burn on your nose. Poor guy! It was there for a few days. You're getting much more adventurous, though. You want to crawl around on the couches and chairs and tables so badly! But... then stuff like this happens. So, yeah. We've got a short leash on you lately. ;)

You had your first fro-yo this week, and you loved it. You grunt and yell and wave your arms whenever we eat, so I'm pretty sure you're going to be a solid eater for a bit. I'm sure you'll go through what most kids go through around 18 months old (boycotting all food), but we're looking good right now.

We gave this seat to Auntie Jen and Lincoln, but not before putting you in it one last time. I can't believe you used to cozy up in there when you were - literally - half this size. Breaks my little heart. You're getting so big. It was pretty cute to see you all laid back and relaxing in your old favorite seat.

This week, you're balancing on your own - standing on everything you can! - and grabbing Puffs with your own little hands. You "talk" to us with your own words: "huh!" and "ha!" when you want to get our attention or ask for food, or show us something. You're so fun to interact with right now!

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