Porter: Your Thirty Second Week

Friday, August 9, 2013

Thirty Two weeks! We survived our first conference together, and now it's time for some family time. You're definitely more vocal this week, but you're like mama, you only have one volume: LOUD. Outdoor. Outdoor and in a construction zone. You get the picture. You scream to talk, which is pretty funny. I think you may be mocking me, but I'll let it go. You don't say any words, just a lot of mumbling. "La, la, la, blah, la, blahhhhhhhhh." (Literally, you said that sentence. And you looked at me expectantly, like I was supposed to understand. Uh...)

You're also grabbing food off the table, and we decided to give you a taste of almond and coconut milk to see if you liked any of those (for our upcoming trip to Vegas, we decided it'd be nice if you liked another "milk" so we'd have a backup, just in case you used up all my frozen supply). Welp, you hated it. Like refused it all. Oh well... I guess that just means you'll have to snack on more fruits and veggies in between your bottles! ;)

This is also TMI to share, but I have to, because it was record-breaking: you had your first blowout that resulted in garbaged clothes and a bath at 11pm. It was BAD. It was EVERYWHERE. You thought it was hysterical. Your dad and I? Not so much. :)

You're learning to smile, and this is your new thing. You make this face, while breathing/snorting really loudly. It's so funny... you're Auntie Katie used to do this when she was little, which cracks me up! I wonder if weirdness is genetic?! Apparently it is! She was a cute little Gerber Baby, too, so I'm not complaining. I love my little goofball!

And, to end: those eyes. Oh my. They are beyond beautiful. And I'm totally jealous. How did you come from two parents with plain brown eyes?!

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