Train Up A Child [TC13]

Thursday, August 8, 2013


We just wrapped up your first Team Church Conference! We had such an amazing three days. You spent some time in the nursery, lots of time with people that love you and wanted their fair share of Porter-snuggles, and then plenty of time on stage with Daddy during sound checks and worship team run-through.

Seeing you on that stage gave me chills. I felt like God was giving me just a glimpse into the incredible future that He has for you. I pray that you grow passionately and genuinely in love with God and His word, that nothing in the world will ever keep the Truth from illuminating your path. Lots of things will try to pull you off course, but I pray that your roots are so firmly planted in God's House, that you will always bend in adversity, but never break.

I pray that you're a leader; a strong kid/boy/man/husband of God, but that you aren't afraid to be small in His greatness. One of the most amazing qualities that your Dad has is a keen awareness of the presence of God. He's not afraid to shrink down, so that God can be glorified. I love that about him, and I pray that same spirit of worship over you. I pray that you worship like your Daddy does. 

I pray that you get a glimmer of understanding of God's love for you, while you're under the watchful eye of your earthly father. I hope you know that as much as you think your Dad loves you, God's love for you far surpasses what you could ever comprehend. I remember the moment I realized that I couldn't possibly wrap my mind around His infinite love (it's that great), and I hope you recognize that moment in your life too.

I pray that you prioritize God, and the local church. This is what matters. This is what you're born to do: you are a leader, and you're destined for great things for the kingdom of God.

I pray that you will dust yourself off, and know that no matter what you do, think, or say, God's love for you is never shaken. Never. You're never too far gone. You can't sin away God's love, and you can't surprise Him. He loves you as you are, always, but He loves you too much to let you stay that way. Allow God to move in your life. Listen closely for and to Him, and never have too much pride to come running back.

People will be saved because of you, Porter, and people will know Jesus because of you. And when this happens, I want you to think back to 2013 when you first sat on that stage at your church and took it all in. Please recognize that this is a powerful call over your life... a call that you're going to do great things with.

Thanks to Renee for these amazing shots!

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