Porter: Your Thirty Ninth Week

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I can't handle you. Look at that smile -- HAHA. It's probably my favorite thing you've started doing, I can't stop laughing. And you do it just like the pic shows -- you freeze, in that cheesy smile, and just let us laugh at you for a few moments. You are such a stinker -- you know you're cute.

Cheese again, this time with Dad at church. Ah. I'm telling you - I can't handle it. You are the cutest human on this planet. You get so happy to see Daddy... you're definitely in a Daddy phase right now! I love watching you two together. It melts my heart.

I love our church family. Cindy walked by the nursery this past Sunday, and you were upset. So, she went in, scooped you up and rocked you to sleep. Stuff like this just comforts me. So many people love you. So many people watch out for you. So many people care about your every move... you have an army behind you, little man, and I hope you always feel the support and love that is perfectly represented within this photo.

In other news, you are days away from walking -- you stood on your own for the first time today! HERE WE GO!

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