Porter: Your Thirty Seventh Week

Friday, September 13, 2013

Thirty-seven weeks! Wow, wow, wow. Time is just flying. This week, you're enjoying assisting me in undressing you (you figured out how to take off your shirt). You love any toys that make noise (maracas and rattles) and any ball you can get your hand on -- especially the light up one I got you from Old Navy. You love your toy pianos, and you totally waved bye-bye this week! And you even said "buh-buh!" You only did it that one time, so it could have just been a fluke... but I know you're recognizing when people arrive and leave, so I'm sure you knew exactly what you were doing.

You absolutely panic when people don't say hi. If someone walks in and says a quick hello to you and keeps about their business, you get so sad/mad/freaked out. You start yelling and waving your arms and huffing and puffing until they pick you up and snuggle you for a few minutes. You're so sensitive... and let's face it... you love being the center of attention.

Your perfect, sleepy face.

Matching dad for church. You both got the camo memo.

And, this week, my favorite picture of you ever was taken. We had just gotten back from grocery shopping, and I was letting your first diaper rash (boo) air out:

Loving your maraca from Grandma Cohee:

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