Porter: Your Forty First Week

Saturday, October 12, 2013

You and those dang lights. You love them. I think for your birthday, I'm just going to string a zillion lights around the room -- or find special chewable lights for you to go to town on.

My new favorite picture of us! I love your Notorious BIG tee. You can thank you daddy for that one... his love of hip hop is being passed on to you.

This week, you learned how to give kisses! They're the cutest thing... open-mouthed, and you smile so big after! Like you're embarrassed, or so proud of yourself that you're able to communicate your affections.

You're walking several steps, and you're such a cheerful morning person. You are so excited when I come in to get you out of your crib!

Something funny you do: you crawl to the stereo on the TV and turn the volume all the way up. It always scares the heck out of you (and me) and I have to reprimand you each time, but you just think it's funny. I say no, and you laugh.

You woke up so early this morning, so I snuggled with you on the couch and let you eat apple straws and watch Henry Hugglemonster. I love your zoned-out face. The best thing in the whole world.

You slept in until 11:30 one day this week (!!?!?!), and your eyes are looking a little sleepy... I hope you're not fighting off a sick bug! Ugh.

On another note, Dad and I celebrated THREE YEARS of marriage this week! :) I love him so much. I hope that you never, ever doubt how much your dad and I adore each other. I'm his biggest fan, and he thinks I hung the moon. As much as we love you, we love being able to steal a few hours together, alone, too. (I know, ewwww...)

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