Porter: Your Forty Fourth Week

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Well. The sickness was definitely a cold. You were miserable all week, but we're finally on the other side. We spent lots of time cuddling, running to the chiropractor, napping, rubbing Breathe essential oil onto the bottoms of your little feet, and fighting over the bulb syringe. You want to chew on it, I want to get the nasty junk out of your nose so you can breathe. But, when I try to do that, you s c r e a m bloody murder. I'm not kidding. You would think I was trying to kill you. Once I am actually able to fight you hard enough to get some of that snot clear, you are so relieved. But then you see me coming at you again with my bulb syringe and it's meltdown city.

Sick babies are no fun. Hopefully normal weekly updates will commence soon. Until then, here are a few shots from our Sunday (after you finally got better -- I had no desire to photograph my snotty, sneezy, sicky little boy)

Lunch before North Tacoma!

Shopping with mom. We love Metropolitan Market.

Running stairs.

Running sound at North Tacoma.

You love your slinky.

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  1. Oh my goodness - those eyes! And that outfit! He is to die for!