Porter: Your Forty Second Week

Friday, October 18, 2013

Love your weekly photo this week! Uncle Andy got this for us at the pumpkin patch we went to... so much fun! You wore some festive Carharts, a puffy vest, boots, and a hunter's cap. Little farmer boy. ;)

You are such a good sport. Although it doesn't look like it, you loved the pumpkins, and exploring this farm with everyone. It was a gorgeous spot. Fox Hollow Farms in Issaquah. We'll be back for sure. Such a gorgeous drive!

Your new winter coat is adorable -- all warm and fuzzy. You are a stud.

Speaking of stud... I promise I'll stop the naked rear-end pics when you're one year old. I promise.

When it's quiet... you're usually up to no good. ;) Between this and pulling out all the wipes... I've got messes on my hands for days.

You are walking lots of steps these days, but then you fall to the ground and take off crawling -- it's much faster, and you know it. You have spent the past couple of Thursdays at rehearsal with Dad, and you love it. Swaying to the music, crawling up on stage, drooling over the mics (just kidding, sound guys). I love that you're a church kid... growing up in the house. Just the way we like it! :)

You're fitting into 12 month clothing now, and you're obsessed with your laptop toy. You pound the keyboard like I do (ha!) and you slam it shut every few minutes. Like I want to, sometimes. Haha -- I guess it's true. Little eyes are watching.

You're still in a Daddy phase... only daddy can put you to sleep. And lately, you've been grabbing your blanket and pulling it into your lap/up to your face when you're ready for bed. It's the sweetest thing ever.

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