Porter: Your Forty Third Week

Saturday, October 26, 2013

This week, you're clapping and waving bye-bye.

We went to San Francisco for my work retreat, and you had so much fun -- you were a great traveller. More on your first plane ride and travel experience here.

Other than San Francisco, I'm short on pictures because this week was a doozy. We all got sick. You were miserable the day we flew home. You were great on the flight, but as soon as we got home and tried to lay you down, you had a meltdown. Sobbing, screaming, writhing in pain. We had no idea what was wrong... finally, I just laid you down on your blanket on the living room floor, and you fell asleep. I left you there, while I worked. It was so sad. I hate feeling helpless, unsure of how to help you. I wasn't sure if it was your tummy, your ears (from the plane?), or if you were teething... it's just always a guessing game, and usually you can't tell if your guesses are right until after whatever is plaguing you has past. So, I still have no idea. Judging by the fact that you got stuffier and stuffier in the coming days, I would guess that you were hit with a cold. And that you're just like your daddy when getting sick. Haha

That's all I have for this week. Here's to a STRONG forty-fourth week! :)

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