Porter: Your Forty Ninth Week

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! We had such a great holiday with family, and you LOVED Thanksgiving dinner. Sweet potatoes, stuffing & carrots were your favorite things. The next day we went to Seattle like normal, and you got to come with us for the tree lighting. It was a beautiful night... we took a lot of pictures and you loved watching the carousel & fireworks.

Currently, you're dragging your blanket around everywhere (you love your multicolored chevron blanket), and you actually shout for things now! "Ba!" is bath (you normally scream it when you hear the water running), "La la" is Lennon. You're trying so hard to run (which is freaking me out... gear down, turbo), and you are such a texture freak. You love to "scratch" at things to feel them, hear the sound, etc. I love to watch you do it, especially when you find something that makes a good scratchy noise -- daddy's jacket, textured wood, anything canvas (like a pillow). You look so fascinated. It's the best thing!

You also were the first in the house to get that flu bug back again -- followed shortly after by me. :( And then daddy. It was awful. A puking baby is absolutely one of the worst things. Luckily, you kicked it quickly... just in time for me to wake up at 3am with it. Yuck!

Here are some more adorable pictures from this week!

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