Porter: Your Forty Seventh Week

Thursday, November 21, 2013

You LOVE: peas, bath time, bringing me things and screaming at me to use them/read them/show you them/laugh at them (still trying to figure it out? You're very demanding though), cheesing at the camera (especially when we use the flash), eating yummy fruit and veggie smoothies.

You HATE: the vacuum, the horses across the street and Auntie Katie's dog Jack.

Supermodel baby. You're seriously perfect.

Such a cute photo of you and daddy, watching Saturday morning cartoons!

Love these photos of you above, all decked out in your Sunday best!

You are obsessed with this football. You carry it around everywhere, hold it up like you're presenting it to the heavens, smiling and "awwing" over it. It's adorable.

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