Porter: Your Fiftieth Week

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I love that you're nearly a year old, and next to your dad, your my best friend in the whole world. I love hanging out with you, I love watching you grow. I love that you're getting feisty, I love that you're curious, I love that you are so incredibly sweet.

This week, we lost your Great Grandma Jean, Opa's mom. I am so happy that she got to meet you, that you got a card from her on every holiday in your first year of life. She was so amazing at sending cards that arrived right on time; I have them all saved for you. We loved Grandma Jean, and are so grateful we got to spend Thanksgiving with her!

Since there are so many December birthdays, we celebrated all the December birthdays with the Burton clan this week. We got you this awesome drum set, below, and a stuffed blue chair that you don't really care about yet. Hopefully soon! ;)

Here we are, hanging out at church during Scrooge rehearsal. You just want to walk around non-stop, so we spend most of the time in the lobby. It's pretty funny to watch you wander in aimless circles.

Me, you and Auntie Jess left a Scrooge performance to head to Target and start Christmas shopping. Only, we didn't do much Christmas shopping. I got a bunch of stuff for you, some candy for the tech booth, and... yeah I think that's it. More pajamas for you, as if you needed more. I can't help it. I'm obsessed with the cute little two piece jams!

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