Struck Down In The Prime Of Lime

Friday, December 6, 2013

It happened.

Our household was struck down in the prime of lime (shoutout to all my Friends junkies) by some God awful version of the 24 hour stomach flu. It was so bad. Around 11am on Tuesday, Porter sat up from a serious cuddle sesh before nap time and projectile puked all over his bedroom floor.

Awesome. This has only happened once before, and I thought for sure that it was teething then. So, I assumed the same this time. We took it easy, he puked several more times, I toted him to the chiropractor for an adjustment and BAM... good as new by nightfall.

Well. Apparently the "teething bug" traveled to me... and I'm not nearly as resilient as my one year old.

Oh, and I'm not teething. Wait, what is going on?

I went and had my hair done, and I was insanely thirsty and irritable as I was leaving the house. Something just felt off. I grabbed a water bottle from the garage and headed at out the door; didn't think anything else of it.

When I got home that night, I was starving. I made myself a quick quinoa salad for dinner (ermegherd, more on that deliciousness later. When I can talk about it again. You'll see why) and had a peanut butter cookie for dessert. Glorious.

Immediately after I finished eating, I just had the worst stomachache you could imagine. It's kind of like labor pains; you swear, in the moment, that you will be able to remember how to describe the kind of awful feeling you're experiencing... but here I am, three days later, and I can't recall how it felt. But I know it sucked bad. Paul got home from a long night of rehearsals for Scrooge The Musical, and had to listen to me moan and complain all night, trying to watch some of our favorite shows, before we finally went to bed. I was still in pain. Nothing helped. I popped some Tums and hoped I could get some sleep.


Porter slept great, of course, and I was up every hour. Not throwing up, just painfully nauseous and actually wishing I could throw up. I took some Pepto Bismol and tried hard to fall asleep. 4am rolled around -- about an hour since I was last awake -- and I jumped up from bed like a freaking kid on Christmas morning. Except instead of opening presents, I was racing to the bathroom before I got sick all over the carpet.

YUCK. Made it in time, but it was a painful ten minutes of throwing up before I was done... and I felt immediate relief. That is, until the next morning. Chills, fever, body aches... I let my work know what was going on, and I stayed in bed and slept as much as I could. A few hours later. I was finally able to move without feeling like I was falling apart. Went to bed with a pretty annoying headache, but woke up this morning good as new!

So, of course, last night Paul came down with the bug. No throwing up (thank God), but he's been nauseous and achey all day. In bed, locked in our room, on his one day off for the next two weeks... of course. He's finally feeling a bit better, and we're laying on the couch. He's watching Christmas movies by Christmas tree light, and I'm writing this blog*. :) My favorite kind of night.

(*Editor's Note: Paul has now gone to bed. So. Here I am. Allll by myyyyysellllf... again.)

I pray you all are staying healthy and enjoying your Friday evening... but just beware! If you're feeling nauseous or achey... lots of water and vitamin-c!


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