A Sunday Evening Recap

Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's Sunday, and your nap schedule is all out of whack today, so I'm taking some time while you play to list out some of your new tricks and words. You're in such a fun age right now.

- You can now sign "more", "please" and your version of "all done". This happened over the weekend, when we vacationed in Leavenworth. Well, Auntie Abbie taught you "more", and Auntie Jess kept it going by taunting you with Rice Krispie Treats. Your "all done" is just you holding your hands up, shoulder level, with your palms up and a cute confused expression.

- You cried today when we left you for Leadership Development Rally at the church. I was sad, but I have to say: it feels good knowing you love us that much.

- You wave "hi" and say it clear as day now, even mimicking the cute high-pitched inflection that most women use when they talk to you. And I said we were going "bye bye" tonight, and you ran to the door.

- Daddy said "do we need to change your diaper?" And you ran to your diaper nag and grabbed a diaper/brought it to him. What the heck.

- You get Lennon's treats out and feed them to him.

- You are SO impatient. It something won't move when you apply SLIGHT pressure (like, the car), you SCREAM bloody murder. You may have got that from me.

- You went sledding and loved it!

- We had a great few days of no teething issues, but I think it might be back with a vengeance.

- You think it's hilarious when I sing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy". I don't even know the words, just that one part of the chorus. You love it.

- I asked you to hand Lincoln a toy the other day, and you did. It amazes me how much you understand - more and more each day!

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