Hi, Hot, UH-OH.

Monday, February 17, 2014

This weekend, you decided to start greeting people as they walk into the room - "Hi!". It's heart-melting, especially, when you raise your hand - palm facing you - and open and close your first, waving hello.

You also hold everything that is relatively rectangle shaped to your ear and "talk" to whoever is on "the phone".

Your appetite is coming back, finally, which means we're probably getting a small break from the pits of teething hell. You love chicken, orange peppers, and anything savory. If it's well-seasoned and maybe even a little spicy or tangy, you love it. A little balsamic vinegar on my salad last night doesn't scare you away from stealing all the cranberries or veggies you can get your little paws on. And of course, you have the Burton sweet-tooth... you found a package of opened Milano cookies yesterday, and you practically set it on fire to get to the last cookie. After watching you work so hard, I had to let you have it!

I'm trying to get you to drink more water lately. You're only impressed by full-sized water bottles - you couldn't care less about the kiddie cups that we have set around the house, full of water for you.

It's been raining like crazy the last two days, so this morning your dad is in the storage room sucking up some water that has been leaking in - and you're attached to his side like a leech. You love/hate any vacuum-type apparatuses. I can't really tell which it is... you run from it, then turn around and chase it. I think you love the thrill of the unknown ;)

Also, everything right now is "hot!" or "uh-oh"... you love to exclaim "hot!" whenever your dad and I are drinking coffee, and you drop e v e r y t h i n g just to be able to proclaim "uh-oh... UH-OH..."

Last but not least, we played Patty Cake last night. You were almost asleep with me in the rocking chair when you sprang up, began clapping your hands together chanting "P...P...P..." (I think that was maybe all you could remember ("mark it with a P").

I love watching your little personality develop. It's new each day, and it makes my heart so happy.


  1. I love reading these sweet updates!

    1. Aww, thanks! I'm glad you read them! He's so fun to write about, haha.