Porter: 13 Month Rundown

Monday, February 3, 2014

1. You say "Uh oh!" All. The. Time. You especially love purposely dropping things and then exclaiming this to us so we pick it up for you... it's pretty cute! You also just learned to say "hot! hot!" which I whisper to you if you're trying to touch my curling iron, or a candle, or the heater. So now you bring things to me all the time and announce "hot! hot!" ;) We're working on it.

2. You're totally going through a clingy-phase right now. You're having a hard time being dropped off in class at church. You definitely want your mama and daddy.

3. You haaaaaate beards. It's hysterical, actually. You laugh and cry at the same time, try to be brave and touch it, but then freak out and swing at it aggressively.

4. You also hate little dogs and all cats. Which is weird, considering you don't mind Romeo, the Buck's little doggie. But any other small dogs? You legitimately panic.

5. You love stacking blocks (rather, making US stack blocks) and then attacking them/knocking them over. We could do this for hours on end, you'd find it more hysterical every single time.

6. Your other favorite toy? Drumsticks.

7. You drag your blanket around like Linus. You love your blankets, and we can always tell when you're ready for a nap when you drop the blanket and then lay down on top of it.

8. You are so chatty - but aren't forming many words (at least in English). You, however, know exactly what you're saying.

9. You wrinkle up your face when something scares you, or if you think something hurts, or you're confused or frustrated. It's the best!

10. You're a picky eater right now - but you love smoothies! I try to get greens in you that way. You prefer savory food for sure - I couldn't feed you chicken yakisoba fast enough! Forget those weeny fruits and veggies.

11. You have a VeggieTales book that sings, and you press the button repeatedly to keep it going. You and music. I love how much you love it.

12. THE SEAHAWKS JUST WON THE SUPER BOWL. You watched with us at Uncle Andy & Auntie Jen's... it was also Jen's birthday! :) All she wanted was the Vince Lombardi trophy... best. birthday. ever.

13. You understand so much. I say "Outside?" and you run to the door. I say "turkey?" and you run to the fridge.

14. There's not much you love more than balloons.

15. You love turning the heater off, and on, and off, and on, and off..

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  1. Sam totally went through a clingy phase where he hated church and a picky eating phase (which he still occasionally struggles with) from 12-18 months. I loved that age, but it was kinda hard. It's like they're teetering between baby and toddler and don't quite fit in either one and they're mad about it. Lol. The next phase will be here before you know it! Love hearing about his little life!