Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The other day, you saw a picture of yourself, pointed at it - and said, clear as day: "Porty?" My heart melted. If you call yourself Porty, I would be so happy. How cute are you?

Also, your new "thing" is to throw all of your blankets, pillows, stuffed animals out of your crib (you only have a couple blankets, a small pillow that your cousin made for you, and a teddy bear that you like to cuddle with) and then you loudly/angrily scream "Ma! Ma! Maaaaa!" until I come in and get them for you. You do it once or twice, and then you settle down and go to sleep. I try so hard to be firm with you when I tell you no more throwing your blankets, but it's so cute... I can't help it.

Your favorite words: "PEASE? Pease? PEASE??" which you frantically repeat until we give you something - normally our food. You say "Dada", and "Lala" and you're started to repeat random words I say, which I love. Last night, I said it was time for bed, and you announced "BYE!" to Dad and grabbed my hand. I said "grab your blanket, ok?" and you replied: "K!" I cannot believe how smart you are. I don't think this is normal. You're such a little man.

We love you so much!

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