The Great EOS Debacle

Monday, March 10, 2014

We just had our first fight.

You wanted my EOS. I wanted you to say please. You threw a straight-up fit, slapping the air and yelling at me. About ten minutes passed... finally, finally, I got you to say please... so I unscrewed it and gave it to you.

You then had a meltdown because you wanted the lid. Ten more minutes before you finally said please; handed it over. You spent a few seconds screwing the lid on and off, on and off. Shaking your head back and forth and pursing your lips, like you were applying the balm (aww, so cute!).

Then, you took a huge bite out of it.

You were NOT pleased. Neither was I.

EOS is now safely stowed away in the drawer, and you are angrily scraping the nasty pink wax off your tongue.

I promise you, I knew this was going to happen.

Other small notes: you now say "poopy", "patty" (for "patty-cake") and you make a big O with your mouth like you're shocked. All three of these things are my FAVORITE! I love watching you learn new words and communicate so much better. You're so, so smart. I know I'm not just partial, you really are brilliant.

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