Current Loves: The Great Outdoors!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

You are a bit of an outdoorsy guy. You love to play outside, and today you pitched a fit because you wanted to ride the lawn mower. You saw me coming for you (you had climbed up into the seat a few few away from me) and immediately started wailing "noooo... noooooo..." Ha! You knew it was not gonna happen. I took you to the slide instead, and your sorrows disappeared rather quickly.

(In the last few pics below, you were looking up because Noah was on the upstairs porch, telling you to show him how you can slide... so you did.)
You understand everything now - you get items we ask you to get, you shake your head no when you don't want something (and you SAY no now, too, which is not our favorite), and you still love bath time ("Ba! Ba!"). You recently threw your head underwater and laid there happily on your back, just floating on your own - it totally shocked me; you'd never done it before. You will pretty much do anything to get into the water. You threw yourself into a little tub out in the backyard, too, when it was not nice enough to be playing in water. Little stinker! :)

Another thing you love: when we put you in the big fuzzy blanket and swing you back and forth. You love it so much you won't let us stop. We literally have to run and hide the blanket when you're not looking so you don't break down.

You're a tad passionate, as you can tell. I love that about you. You love with 100% of your little heart, and it makes me so very happy.

You're doing well in class at church - such a big boy! - and you love to dance like a total goofball. 

Some of your current favorite things: Yo Gabba Gabba, Special Agent Oso, swinging in the fuzzy red blanket, savory foods (like mama! Bring on the spice), popcorn (you call it "cah-cahn!"), saying "bye" when you're ready for bed, your multi-colored chevron blanket, greek yogurt, "pease" for please, saying "more" and "all done" in sign language, saying "light", books, being outside, water, saying "I see! I see!" (at least, we think that is what you're saying. We never really know how to respond, ha), open-mouthed kisses, wrestling, when I sing "good morning, good morning to you!", Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake, water bottles, and balls.

Not so favorite? Dropping/breaking things (you always wrinkle up your forehead and say "Ohhhhhhh!!!" or "OH NO."), the vacuum, dogs barking, teething, Tyson's beard, not napping, holding still for pictures, being restricted (you just wanna run! Eating out with you has been a real treat), and us forcing you to drink out of a kid cup.

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