Easter 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter! We had such a crazy weekend! So many church services, but on Sunday evening we were able to relax at home and you got your first experience with Easter eggs. I don't think you really understood why, but who cares? Your eggs made noise when you shook them and that's all that mattered. ;)

Yelling up to Grammy on the porch, showing her your loot. So cute!

You have a new bruise each week from where you crash and burn, fall into a toy, etc - the newest one on your forehead is from falling into a toy castle. You're such a boy. Always throwing, climbing, dragging, opening, exploring - I love your adventurous spirit!

You're 16 months old, and it amazes me how advanced you are! You recognize people and places; I can tell you to "go give this to daddy!" and you do - so excitedly, too.

You call your blanket your "bubby" which is heart-melting. We have a pretty great routine now, the three of us - you go to bed around 9 - parting is such sweet sorrow, as I scoop you up to take you to bed, you cry out "Bye!!!" in the most heartbreaking "will I ever see you again?!" sob. It's so sweet. We have to assure you that we will see you in a few hours when you wake up for some quick cuddles ;)

You give hugs and kisses - but not really to mommy. What's the deal? You're all about the hugs with everyone else though! Maybe I'm old news ;)

You love Daddy. "Dah-yee! Dah-yee!" We FaceTime him at work and it's your favorite thing. You love to see his face pop up on your phone!

You're still obsessed with your food: "baws" (your Z Bars), "cah-cone" (popcorn), and just today "gillbey" (strawberry... we were pretty sure you said "giggleberry" and we loved that so much more than the real name).

You have a full mouth of teeth - including some rather monstrous ones that have just popped through. You're sniffley and drooley, but still so cute with those pearly whites.

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