Here We Go Again

Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's Memorial Day Weekend, 2014, and I just found out we are pregnant again!

I am in shock - so proud to report there were no tears this time. Just shock, which is funny to me. It's not like I don't understand how this works?

We were getting ready for bed and I had a test. I was ten days late, which I finally admitted was a little weird. A few days is normal for my cycle, but ten? Even my app was saying "you're pregnant, moron."

I took the test and proceeded to get my face washed and changed into pajamas. Looked over to the test, and saw those two pink lines. Paul was in the bathroom too, so I casually announced (because it's fun): "Oh, we're pregnant." Kind of like how I would mention: "Oh! I put the leftovers away." Or "Oh, I let Lennon out."

Paul choked on his toothpaste, we laughed, and then laid in bed the whole night, staring at the ceiling.

TWO KIDS. We're going to have TWO HUMANS WE CREATED.

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