May Days

Thursday, May 15, 2014

You just had your well-visit checkup yesterday with Dr. Grubb... healthy as a horse! Tall, with a huge head... Ha! You are thinning out a bit, but only because you're actually getting some height! Where did that come from?

Yesterday you also spent the day with my parents and Aliviah and Great Wolf Lodge. You had a blast, and have been sleeping/recovering all day today. You are FEARLESS in the water! It makes me so happy! Next up: swimming lessons and gymnastics for you, you little daredevil.

(You also just looked at me and said "thank youuuuu." Not sure what for, but it doesn't really matter. You made my night.)

You love to dance, you love to feed Lennon treats, and you love HOE-SIES. (Horses). However, you won't get within petting range of them... they still freak you out. Haha. You also love shoes (especially saying "SHOOOOOES!" whenever you see anyone's shoes). 

I am so blessed to be your mama.

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