My Favorite Moments

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is that magical hour at the end of the day that draws closer and closer with each passing moment: bedtime.

Now, I love you. More than you know. But sometimes I'm simply exhausted, and when you fall asleep and are tucked into your crib, I can shut my brain off and just... be. I used to do this often, but becoming a mama changes the availability of this option.

As in, this is never possible anymore.

Tonight, I rocked you to sleep (everyone says "don't rock your kids to sleep! It creates bad habits!" -- and I stand firm in my "rocking him to sleep is the best decision I made in regards to his sleep routine". I love our time together and wouldn't change it for the world!), I found myself completely lost in the perfection of the moment: the moment you drift off to sleep, curled up in my arms, atop the pillow we've used since the day you were born - to nurse, to snuggle, to prop you up closer to me so I can lean down and kiss your temple as you doze off. Your quiet inhales and exhales, and the rhythmic sucking of your thumb. It was all perfect.

It's a perfect moment that makes the entire day seem not-so-exhausting. Suddenly, I am 110% relaxed and at ease; I could do the day all over again in that very moment, with no sleep. That's how alive I feel.

Crazy, right?

I replay my favorite parts of the day in my head as we rock (today it was watching your face as you dipped your sweet potato fry in the caramel sauce we tried to hide from you at the restaurant, laughing as you smashed the bubbles onto your face at bath time to form a makeshift beard like I showed you yesterday, begging me to watch "Soso" (Special Agent Oso) and snuggling up on the couch to enjoy a tube of frozen Greek Yogurt before bedtime. You smelled like lavender and chamomile and your blonde hair was extra fluffy.

I live for these moments with you. I'm so lucky to be your mama.

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  1. Your words are absolute perfection! Straight from the heart of a momma. I feel the same way!