Summer is here: 18 Month Check In

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer is here, and you just celebrated 18 months of life! Your personality just gets better and better each week... We love hanging out with you.

• You are a little mockingbird! You say everything. You say "I cold", "I love you", "I did it", "Ready, set, go", "oh geez", "payplay" (for airplane), RoRo and LaLa (Romeo and Lennon), Mimi (Amelia), "nigh nigh" (goodnight), and you recognize all basic animals and sounds (dog, cat, car, picture, bird, horse, cow). You wave goodbye very passionately at everything - even the water in the tub as it strains. "Byeeeeee Wa-Ree!"

• You got bit up a few weeks ago by fleas or Mosquitos outside. It was so weird. We panicked and took you into the Doc thinking you had some sort do rare flesh-eating disease, but alas! Just bug bites. We got rid of them with Lavendar essential oil and Hyland's Bug Bite ointment.

• You sing "Let it Goooooo" all the time. The cutest thing.

• Your bestie Lincoln Mueller just celebrated his first birthday - we had a fun pool party at Grandma Margaret's Nd Grandpa Ron's.

• You would rather be outside than anything else.

• You. Eat. Everything. Your latest favorites: cherries, yogurt (Gogi), crackers, Pirate Booty (Booty booty), peaches (whole peaches), fries, chicken. You love eating with utensils, and would prefer to never eat pasta (who are you? Not mine, clearly)

• It's looking like you will be right handed 

• You are obsessed to Upa (Opa) and Papa (my dad). It's so cute to see you cling to them.

Here you are today, eating Gogi in the sunshine.

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