13 Week Check In | Baby Burton #2

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I know, I know. It's not really a bump yet... it just feels and looks like I had a good dinner.
But, it was a little uncomfortable today!

How Far Along: 13 weeks, 1 day

Baby is: The size of a peach! HELLO, SECOND TRIMESTER <3

Obsessing Over: a fit pregnancy! I'm trying to stay focused on my health and habits, which is what I was happily doing when we found out we were expecting Baby #2! :)

Feeling: Great! First trimester nausea and UTTER EXHAUSTION is over (I was so tired that I had convinced myself we were having twins, for a short period of time before our first ultrasound). Also, my stomach IS starting to feel hard from the growing babe... I missed that feeling!

Working On: Nothing baby related... I hardly feel pregnant right now. I feel bloated on a bad day, and slim on my good days... which is so cool. 13 weeks and feeling slim? I'll take it. No weight gained in first trimester, which isn't abnormal or something to brag about- but it makes me happy. I was 10lbs from my first major "goal weight" when I got pregnant, so I love that I'm still weighing the same (even a little less) than when I found out about #2!

Thinking About: Boy or girl... boy or girl? Only a couple weeks until we schedule our anatomy scan!

Anticipating: Above-mentioned anatomy scan :) I think this time, we'll have the tech write down the sex, and then Paul and I will go to dinner and open it together, just us. And then we'll tell our family and friends in a fun way, but probably not nearly as elaborate as before. :)

Listening To: The Today Show, while I work and fill out this little check-in.

Feeling: Good- getting my hair done today, so I'll feel even better come about 4pm.

Craving: Pickled things, coffee again (first tri it was a NO NO, barf), quinoa pasta with EVOO + parmesan (my lunch of choice), and the Southwest quinoa bowl from Starbucks.

Wishing: It was Wednesday- we are leaving on Thursday for a mini-vacation to my family reunion in Garabaldi, OR! I can't wait to take Porter to the beach!

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