"Blue Eyeeee-es..."

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

- You're running a fever this week, because of those wretched eye-teeth coming in. But, you're a trooper... still wanting to play outside in the gorgeous weather.

- I was singing "Beachin" to you during a diaper change, and you learned it fast. So, now I sing "Sun-shiiiii-ine" and you sing "Blue eyeeeee-es...". It was drop dead cute. However, you won't. stop. singing. it. You're just walking around singing "Blue eyeee-es... blue eyeeee-es". I have a few videos, because I'm just over here dying over you and your personality.

- You said "I love you" for the first time to me, unsolicited. I leaned down to give you a kiss as a I was rocking you for nap time, and you smiled and said "Ahhh LUH you..." all shyly. My jaw dropped for real- it was a total unexpected surprise. And my heart grew three sizes that day ;)

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