A Few Of My (Current) Favorite Things

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Porter Alan
21 Months Old

  • You can (kind of) count to 10. You get really excited at 8... and then after 10, you burst into applause and scream "yaaaaaaay!" so enthusiastically
  • You say "oh man!" and "oh geez!" quite often. It's adorable
  • You say pretty much anything we tell you to.
    • Mommy
    • Daddy
    • Opa & Uga
    • Nana & Popa
    • Aunt-ieee
    • Mimi (Amelia)
    • Onah (Noah)
    • Iley (Riley)
    • Roro (Romeo)
    • Lala (Lennon)
    • Pawpickel, cawcorn, petzel, chicky, mato, bawbay, packy, apple-saw (popcicle, popcorn, pretzels, chicken, tomato, strawberry, packets, applesauce)
    • Paw Paytoll (Paw Patrol, your new favorite Nickelodeon show!)
  • You come into our bed in the early morning to cuddle... we sneak out of bed in the morning, and our favorite thing is when we see the doornob turning on our bedroom door... you crawl out of bed quietly and walk out of the room when you wake up like such a big boy!
  • You mimic EVERYTHING.
  • You hate having your hair combed (and it's getting long)
  • You LOVE Itsy Bitsy Spider and Patty Cake... interrupting the ending with "YAAY!" as loud as you can possibly yell
  • You're going thru a weird phase, where you scream bloody murder when we leave somewhere... once you're in the car, you're fine, but when you realize we're getting into the car... game over.
  • You sing "Let It Go"... like, full on
  • You love to swing
  • You LOVE wagon rides with Opa
  • You LOVE puppies & horsies
  • You HATE touching puppies & horsies
  • You area champion sleeper
  • You play HARD
  • You LOVE water
  • You are NOT good at sharing yet
  • Teething seems to have subsided for awhile
  • You can almost work a phone better than me (you love FaceTiming Daddy!)
  • Your memory is creepy (three days after I showed you a pic of Auntie Jess's bunny (don't ask), you brought me my phone and asked for "bunny?" I mean... WHAT? Who are you?)
  • You CHARM the pants off of everyone
  • You think Kalen is your second dad (it's the beard)
  • You HATE class at church. I got called out to get you for the first time during the last session of Team Church 2014.
  • You are OSESSED with this silly pink shopping cart toy we have. You love to put toys in it and push it around and you FREAK if anyone tries to take a turn
  • You are FEARLESS. You jump into the pool to daddy without hesitation. Time for swimming lessons!

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