Hotel Party

Friday, August 15, 2014

This was one of those days I forever want to remember. Conference is over, and your dad and I both got the day off on Monday to celebrate and spend some time together. So, we decided to hop on Priceline and see if we could book a hotel in Seattle for a reasonable rate.

Now, not only did we surprisingly get our favorite hotel (The Grand Hyatt) but when we arrived, it was quiet in the city and the concierge was so sweet... she fell in love with you, Porter, and gave us an upgrade... HELLO! A king suite overlooking the city... it was so gorgeous.

We did nothing all night. We went to the room, you took a bath in the massive tub, you ran up and down the hallway from the living room to the bedroom, singing "Let It Go" and chattering mindlessly. You and daddy jumped on the bed, and there were just TONS of giggles and relaxation. You had a bottle in bed while watching Shark Week (excitedly proclaiming "Fishy! Fishy!" whenever a Great White came on the screen), and we ordered room service at like 9pm. You chowed down on some "chicky" from our nachos, and devoured a part of dad's burger... I love how much you love food. You're so amazed by different items and combos and tastes... it's my favorite.

I can't explain how happy you were. I wanted to just soak it all in... you were so thrilled to be spending time with us, the three of us together with no interruptions. You were just thrilled, which in turn, made my whole life.

The next day, we got up, had breakfast and went to Ballard to the the boats come through the Locks. Then we went to Golden Gardens park, and you played in the water... it was so hot, we only stayed for a little while.

You love holding our hands. You run to grab my or your dad's hand, then eagerly look for the other hand so we're all joined together. I love when that happens... for a few minutes, we're totally connected and at peace, a little family just navigating life together. Cheesy, but true. I absolutely love our family.

I can't wait to do this again- hopefully one more time just the three of us, before we're a family of FOUR!

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