17 Week Check-In | Baby Burton #2

Friday, August 15, 2014

How Far Along: 17 weeks, 4 days

Baby is: the size of a turnip

Obsessing Over: nothing really. I'm really chill right now.

Feeling: Good! My back is a little sore, which just means I need to get in to the chiropractor this week. I honestly thing that I'll be good to go if I get an adjustment.

Working On: Drinking Shakeology every single day... so good for me AND baby, especially on the days I don't feel like eating. Also, remembering to take my prenatals. I kind of suck at that.

Thinking About: finding out the sex of this little one in TWO WEEKS!

Anticipating: not much. Like I said... really chill (almost freakishly so?)

Listening To: SHARK WEEK!

Feeling: Little bubbles, which I'm 99% sure is this little turnip moving around. When I wake up in the morning, I'm always on my back, which is weird. I'm not a back sleeper... and when I wake, my stomach is hard as a rock. When I get up and move around, it softens a bit... but it's pretty crazy!

Craving: oh, here we go! HOT DOGS. Hot sauce from Taco Bell. Chinese food. Vinegar (balsamic all day, every day). Cereal. Pickles. Pasta (I've homemade some amazing sauces recently... can't stop cooking pasta!). WATER... so thirty! Also, feeling pretty awesome that although I have these cravings, they are random and fade quickly, and I rarely act on them unhealthily (like at 3am)... I definitely indulge, but in moderation.

Wishing: It wasn't midnight... would love to keep updating this Band of Burtons blog, but my eyes are getting heavy...

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