20 Week Check In | Baby Burton #2

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How Far Along: 20 weeks, 2 days

Baby is: A BOY. Approximately 10oz, according to my anatomy scan last week!

Obsessing Over: Having two boys... seriously, it's a dream come true. Since they will be barely 2 years apart, I was hoping #2 was a boy. Brothers for life!

Feeling: Good. Just awkwardly "bloated". Every time I say that, Paul says: "well, duh, you have a baby in there!" but it's just... different. I can't really explain it. But other than that: I have lots of energy and am feeling pretty great.

Working On: comprehending that I have another son. Sometimes I look at Porter and think: "how could it possibly get any better?" But last week when we saw our new little guy rolling around in my belly, we were like... oh yeah. That's how.

Thinking About: the dream I had last night :( I hate pregnancy dreams, and they are just now starting.

Anticipating: BIRTH.

Listening To: the water running in the shower. It's so quiet in the house. All I need is my cup of coffee and I will be in heaven.

Feeling: energized, awake, and slightly panicked: I forgot my doctor's appt this morning. I remembered, but I remembered when my alarm went off to remind me I should be parking at my doctor's appt right now. Lol- I had to call and move it to next week.

Craving: FALL. It's not a food, but I can't stop thinking about pumpkin patches, Hunter boots, crispy leaves, scarves, denim, leggings, caramel apple cider, deep red lipstick. Oh, I love it ALL. So much.

Wishing: nothing! I'm pretty darn content.

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