24 Week Check In | Baby Burton #2

Monday, September 29, 2014

How Far Along: 24 Weeks. The above bump-pic is the best. Look at how happy your brother is, just entertaining himself for a few seconds while I posed for the camera. He's such a joyful guy, I can't wait to watch you two interact. It's going to be so good!

Baby is: as big as an ear of corn. Probably just a little bit over a pound now! :)

Obsessing Over: Paying off bills, getting our house finished, and that we only have a few short months left before we welcome you to the family!

Feeling: Good! Sleeping pretty well on my side, especially on the nights when your brother doesn't wake up at 2am asking for Paw Patrol or Essa (Elsa... aka Frozen... aka probably the movie that is still playing on repeat in our house by the time you're old enough to read this). Also, battling heartburn (welcome back) and some lower back pain and shortness of breath. Haha, pregnancy is so glamorous.

Working On: Getting organized, especially in finances and "stuff". I want to clean out clothing, throw away junk, pack up dishes... just get rid of all the extra. I'm really into being as minimal as possible, but it's so hard!

Thinking About: taking a hot bath! I'm so tired, and as soon as your dad gets home to be on Porter duty, it's me and those bubbles.

Anticipating: BIRTH.

Listening To: silence. I couldn't wait to turn off the TV to get some silence when nap time rolled around. It's beautiful.

Craving: Chilis, soups, anything warm and comforting. I've been on a comfort food kick lately- my turkey chili on Saturday was to die for, and I made lasagna last week that went over really well. Next up? Probably a tortilla soup or some sort of casserole. Ah, welcome back, Fall!

Wishing: That I was decorating and organizing our new house. The construction is fun, but man- it takes a long time. I'm ready for the fun part. SOON ENOUGH!

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