Happy Halloween - 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014


You have been exhausting, but SO fun right now: you call you dad "Paul", you exclaims "coffee!!" whenever you hear the Keurig, and your favorite toy is an air pump (which used to blow up a bouncy ball that has long-since RIP'd). The batteries in the pump are on their last leg, but when the "whirring" starts to slow down, I tell you to turn it off and rock it to sleep, and you do... it usually buys you a few more minutes (hours later) of enthusiastic air pumping.

You are going to bed so well, after a really rough two days (two year molars, I'm sure of it). Usually we rock for a few minutes, sing a song, say our prayers, stare at your festive pumpkin lights, and then you ask for "cib", and I lay you down with blanket, bear, Binta (Simba), and a "pee-yo" (a little pillow Riley sewed for you). You have slept straight through the night for the past two nights after a crazy few nights of tears and climbing out of your crib, but it's my favorite thing in the mornings when you wake up in the morning, throw EVERYTHING out of your crib, get out of bed, shut off your fan (you learn so well), and come out to the living room.

You say "yeahhhhh..." and mock my tone when I'm very excited, Whitney is your favorite person right now ("Wheat-knee") but you randomly decided you know everyone by name (you walked right up out of nowhere to uncle Davey and said "Day-bee, outide?" Of course, he went.)

It's Halloween, and we found a costume for you last night - a puppy. You tried it on and were so excited. You just giggled and stared at yourself in the mirror and walked around very rigidly - so adorable.

Can't wait to take you Trick or Treating tonight!

Love you so much, bud. You are the best.

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