Porter | My Favorite Things - October 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

• says "Yep!" and "Yeppers!" when replying to me

• gets mad (like if you tease him and take his blanket) and then when you act sad at his response as you give it back to him, he rushes over to hug your neck and tell you "tank you..." for whatever you gave him (blanket, toy). He hates hurting people's feelings.

• mimics me by saying "awww!" to his cute toys ;)

• pleads to watch Paw Patrol or Bunnies (Peter Rabbit). Those are the only two shows that exist to him right now.

• Gasps and acts shocked and then giggles outrageously when you do it, too

• Loves to read his books and name/make animal noises.

• Loves to "cudur" (color)

• Puts himself to bed ("Mama, bottle, CIB?")

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