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Monday, November 24, 2014

32 week appointment this morning for Baby Brother Burton - everything is wonderful!

Blood pressure is great (if you know my history with my first pregnancy, you know why this matters so much to me). I've been using oils a ton at home, and I know it's helping.

I'm gaining weight at a slow and healthy rate. Right now, I'm on schedule to be 20 lbs lighter for delivery with Baby Brother than I was with Porter... HELLO. Now, to behave myself over the holidays... I know everyone encourages me that "gaining is good!", but that sort of thinking opens the door, for me, to make really poor decisions because, well, why not. My goal is health. My goal is no excess. So, to hear that that new attention/importance is paying off was the BEST. I still indulge, because... you know what? I have to push this baby out of my body and that deserves dessert. But, I'm also so much better about portioning, and drinking water, and chasing around a toddler... it evens out, right?

That little heartbeat was SOLID in the 140s... the most beautiful sound!

I'm measuring a week ahead - so let's all pray together for no 10lb baby. HAHA (but seriously... how about I go into labor a couple weeks early instead?)

I have been seeing a new midwife in the office that I go to, and I LOVE HER. I click with her so well, I'm excited to be seeing her for the rest of this pregnancy

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