November 14, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

- You love to pray... you repeat "AMEN" and then say more. After 5 minutes, we run out of things/people to pray for. We've even resulted to praying for Peter Rabbit and Rubble.

- YOU LOVE Peter Rabbit and Rubble

- You are a mockingbird, a true product of your environment. You exclaim: "I want it!!" after every toy commercial, and I wasn't sure where that came from. Then I saw Amelia do it last night and everything clicked.

- You are borderline crazy-obsessed with chapstick. Like - you go nuts. You might eat it a little, but whatever. You call it "pink" because of your favorite one (a pink EOS) or you call them "suckit". Suckit sounds similar to ChapStick, so I get it. (?)

- You think Aliviah is the best thing since yogurt tubes ("Gogi"s)

- You run/jump/climb/demolish everything you can. Such a boy. Yesterday you took a black permanent marker to one of our pillows. That was fun. When I told you "NO!" and took it away, then explained "markers are for paper and NOTHING else", you frowned and said "O-taaaay." And then I forgave you for this and all trespasses to come.

- Your first haircut makes you look like a teenager, it's not ok.

- You and I had the best walk the other day. It was like 40 degrees, really sunny and brisk. We visited the horses next door, and the donkeys down the street. You ran and yelled "wait!" when you saw we were nearing the road where the cars were passing.

- You like to point to people's butts and say "booty booty!"

- You just told your dad "careful!" as you craw behind him on top of the couch because his tone was cautious as he said "Porrrrrrter..."

- You sing Happy Birthday, and you love candles. "I touch it? I TOUCH IT?"

- I swear you understand every word I say. I can have full on convos with you and you don't get distracted.

- You can almost spell your name

- "Peek a goo!" is what you yell when you try to scare us

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