33 Week Check-In | Baby Burton #2

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How Far Along: 33, 3 days

Baby is: the size of a honeydew melon. I'm also measuring 1 week ahead, which the doctor said was possibly the sign of a bigger baby. I am just hoping that it means I am going to go into labor early in January. Would love it if you were here and home and comfortable to celebrate your daddy's birthday!

Obsessing Over: Measuring a week ahead. PLEASE DON'T BE A 10 LB'ER.

Feeling: Feeling ok. Tired, uncomfortable, and ready to have two babies in my arms. :)

Working On: feeling like a good mom. I'm tired and emotional, but I know it just comes with the territory of being pregnant and chasing a toddler. :) Plus, this is just a busy season. Dad has Scrooge every day, and we only have one car.

Thinking About: How soon it will be until I get to hold you and squeeze you - I can't believe you're almost here.

Anticipating: Birth. This is about the time I start to remember I have to actually... do it again.

Listening To: Food Network, of course. Always.

Craving: NOTHING. I tend to skip meals because nothing sounds good at all - and that's not good. Not even my usual spaghetti is cutting it. My last cravings, though, that I can remember were short lived and once I had them I never wanted to see them again: roasted brussel sprouts with balsamic, GRAVY (of any kind, but preferably brown gravy... mmm, ok, I could still get down on some gravy), carrot sticks and ranch, CELERY in the Thanksgiving stuffing, deviled eggs and chocolate (which gives me horrible heartburn anyway).


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