Christmas Eve 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


It's Christmas Eve, and you're napping peacefully. I'm working, and I also have been spending this time curling my hair, putting on my makeup for candlelight service, and breathing through some really intense Braxton Hicks contractions.

It's 1:22pm. We don't need to leave until about 4:15pm.

I've just come to realize, nowadays I just do what I gotta do. I know when you wake up, it's gonna be a mad dash to get out of the house in time. So, I'm being as proactive as possible, even if my bronzer will be faded and my mascara might be a little smudged by the time we walk through the doors at church.

I'm laying out my clothes - getting YOU dressed first, because trying to wrestle you into your nice clothing in my heels will make this pregnant mama sweat - and putting my Christmas cards to hand out this evening in my purse so I don't race out the door with them still sitting on top of the record player.

I feel like I'm finally growing up!


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