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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Against my "better judgement", I went in for an ultrasound because I'm measuring a week or two ahead and my midwife expressed that I could be having a "generous sized baby". Isn't that so polite of her? Just say large, lady. You think I'm gonna have a monster man-baby. I say I had the ultrasound against better judgement because I KNOW they can be so inaccurate... I mean, there's no way to  even accurately guess/measure FLUID LEVELS... but they do it anyway

And then, my MIDWIFE let me know that if I look to be having a large baby, she could offer me a c-section on my due date.

I won't get into this too much, but her offer fell upon deaf ears. Unless we are in danger, don't offer me a convenience c-section. If you're not comfortable delivering a large baby, then I'll find someone that is... *steps off soapbox*

I tried to not get worked up, but whoa - labor and delivery (especially when you've done it once and it was a less than ideal experience) is intimidating without added possible worries like this. I decided to go ahead and have the ultrasound this morning so they could "guess" the size of this little man. People told me not to, but I'm the one that slows down to look at car accidents out of morbid curiousity. I did it, I shouldn't have... But I did.

Right now, he's approx 6lbs 10oz... right on track to be a 8lb baby like his big brother. However, his head looks to be quite large/measuring about 40 weeks (😳) and the reason I'm measuring ahead is because I have way more fluid than average. I got a chance to chat with another midwife about that, and she gave me lots of info that just sort of floated around in my head as I laid there on the bed. All I really took away from it was: there's nothing they can/would do at this point, they would rather have too much fluid than too little, I might have him early, he is swallowing just fine (judging by the contents in his little tummy), if my water breaks: go to the hospital to ensure the baby hasn't switched positions in his Olympic-sized pool, have a nice day.

On the bright side, while I have visions of sugerplums and birthing a watermelon-sized noggin dancing in my head, I can relax myself by looking at those perfect, pudgy little cheeks of this sweet child of mine.

God's got this story already written, and I'm proud of myself for keeping cool and taking it all in - I didn't work myself up, or allow fear and "what if" to plague me like I might normally have. I just took the experience for what it was, and am prepped and ready to bring this baby into the world.


  1. They were completely wrong with the sizing of both my babies do what you feel in your heart mama you know best!

  2. Good for you mama! Follow your instincts, you can totally do this <3 So excited to meet your newest addition!!!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog. I find your convenience c section comment offensive. At 37 weeks, I had an ultrasound to check my baby's weight since I was measuring large and I'm small framed. He was already 9lbs 3oz. My doctor offered me a c section if I wanted it. After discussions with my husband, it was scheduled at 39 weeks. I ended up having a 10lb 9 oz baby. The doctor told me I made the right decision as there was no way I would have successfully delivered him vaginally. I also know of moms who needed reconstructive surgery after delivering large babies. My c section was not about convenience. It was about having a healthy baby and mama.

  4. AHS, I'm so sorry you find that comment to be offensive - my post wasn't about you, so definitely don't take personal offense to my comment. I think you assume my statement meant that all c-sections are for convenience? That's definitely is not the case. I said "Unless we are in danger, don't offer me a convenience c-section" - and it sounds like your doc felt confident that you physically never would never have been able to deliver a large baby. So, that makes sense that you would schedule a c-section!

    I have nothing against c-sections, and when I made my "convenience comment" above, I was meaning more for the convenience of the delivering doc/midwife because they don't want to attempt to deliver a large baby. My midwife actually said that before she offered. She said: "I don't really wanna deliver a 10lb'er naturally, and I don't think you do either."

    I have spent a lot of time investing in a natural birthing experience at my hospital, and that's why I hired a midwife in the first place... so, when she told me she could offer me a scheduled section, it just made me feel like her and I weren't on the same page.

    I am not/was not/will not ever be afraid to try to attempt to deliver a large baby. Our bodies were made to do this, and I truly believe that. I know many people (MANY people) that have been told they were having a big baby (9-10lbs) only to have them deliver a 7-8 pounder. And I know many small-framed women who birthed 9/10lb babies at home, in water. Haha. So, in my eyes, I just would rather see what my body could do and opt for a c-section if it became necessary. It doesn't mean it's the wrong choice for people that choose to schedule a c-section without trying other routes, especially if their doctor determines that it's necessary. If it's necessary, my comment doesn't apply. So, again, no reason to be offended.

    For the record, I was told by my midwife that I was going to have a large baby - and he was the same size as my first son - 8lbs. I easily pushed out my first son, but ended up with a c-section this time around - because of other unpredictable, random challenges. Thank God for c-sections and medical involvement when necessary! But I'm whole-heartedly glad I attempted a vaginal birth first and said yes to a c-section when it happened to make sense to do so.

    Hope it makes you feel better a bit to further explain my comment. Glad to know you had a safe/healthy delivery. I think that is always everyone's goal, overall.