Baby Burton #2 | 39 Week Update

Monday, January 12, 2015

Our 39 week appointment was pretty much the worst. My blood pressure was a little high (so nervous for them to examine me for progress, I'm such a baby), baby boy is head down but "floating" due to my "excess fluid", which meant no dilation. Womp womp.

My stand in midwife didn't hesitate to try to scare me about the danger of cord prolapse and warned me that excess fluid could keep baby from dropping, which means I would need to be induced again, or maybe his head is too big to let him drop and that means I will require a c-section, blah blah BLAH. Basically, I was frustrated beyond belief and ended up telling her I didn't appreciate her negativity. She changed her tune pretty quickly and starting giving me the encouragement and positive support I was looking for, but it was too little to late. I was frustrated, discouraged and sad.

Thank God Paul was there, because he was quick to remind me that we believe God's plan for our delivery is perfect and already written, and that we have to visualize and believe in the labor we want. So, I wiped my eyes and we went to Target for an exercise ball, Marlene's for evening primrose oil, more raspberry leaf tea... and we walked about a mile at the mall. I'm going to do everything I can to get myself into active labor.

They want me to come back in two more times this week: a stress test, and another ultrasound to re-check my fluid. 

But until then? A Lush bubble bath and some Kombucha to clear my head.


  1. I will pray for you & baby boy. That bath looks amazing- soak it in relax you deserve it lady. It will all work out perfectly & you will do so good and you have such an amazing hubby!

  2. Praying for you and sweet boy!! Yes we serve a BIG God. Praying peace and natural labor for you !