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Monday, January 5, 2015

I have to take a moment to jot down some things about you that I am MADLY in love with, lately.

  • When you see that your dad or I have wet hair, you furrow your little eyebrows and ask "you take a shower?" I don't know why it's so adorable, but it is. I love your attention to detail.
  • The other day after I'd washed my hair, I was holding you on top of my big ol' baby brother belly, and you were facing me. You put hands on either side of my face, softly grabbed my hair, smiled sweetly and told me: "I lika yer hairrrr..." in the softest, sweetest voice EVER. You are such a little gentleman.
  • On Christmas Day, you killed about 14 little cutie oranges. Now you won't touch them. I think the Vitamin-C, though, kept the flu away from you. Lol
  • You are newly and randomly obsessed with apples - you grasp it with two hands and take bites, but then spit out the skin occasionally. But that's not without telling us "Mmm, so good" multiple times.
  • We bought you an iPad because you fell in love with Mimi's over Christmas break. It's so cute watching you learn how to do puzzles, and "blend up" food in the Toca Boca kitchen. I know every parent says this, but you're seriously so smart.
  • You sing the ABC's... I'm not even sure where you learned that. Same with The Little Mermaid. She came on the TV and you exclaimed "Ariel!". Again, no idea... I have never introduced you to Ariel, I have a feeling you learned that from Mimi, too.
  • You call marshmallows "farfa-nells". It's hilarious and makes no sense, but I love it.
  • You've switched from calling Grammy "Danny" and now you call her "Granny". BOO. I wanted you to call her "Danny" forever.
  • Auntie Jess bought you a Paw Patrol couch/bed for your birthday, and you LOVE IT. You seriously take it everywhere. It's adorable
  • You tell me "I'm ok!" when you fall or trip or do anything otherwise scary. It's so sweet.
  • You love going "bye bye" in the "big tuck" - Daddy's new red truck.
  • You like to show me things and tell me who they belong to. "This Porter's?" "This daddy's?"
  • We have started to do "donut dates", and you love it. You get the donut with colored sprinkles, and a chocolate milk.

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